Discover Our Driving School Branches in Ontario


Office: Windsor Office (Head Office)
Address: Unit #5, 2521 Dougall Ave
(at the corner of Eugenie St and Dougall Ave)
City: Windsor, ON
Postal: Code N8X 1T5
Contact: (519) 967-8383

Office: LaSalle Office
Address: Unit #1, 6146, Malden Road
City: LaSalle, ON
Postal Code: N9H 1S8
Contact: (519) 967-8383

Office: Amherstburg Office
Address: 3295, Meloche Road, RR2
City: Amherstburg, ON
Postal Code: N9V 2YA
Contact: (519) 967-8383

Office: Tecumseh Office
Address: Unit 370, 13300, Tecumseh Rd. East
City: Tecumseh, ON
Postal Code: N8N 4R8
Contact: (519) 967-8383

Office: Essex Office
Address: 242, Talbot Rd.
City: Essex, ON
Postal Code: N8M 2E1
Contact: (519) 967-8383

Office: Belleriver Office
Address: -----------
City: Belleriver, ON
Postal Code: N9A 2V3
Contact: (519) 967-8383